Statistical Machine Learning Lab

The mission of the Statistical Machine Learning Lab is to obtain methods for autonomous systems that solve novel use-inspired research problems. Our focus is on using statistical techniques to theoretically analyze the performance of proposed methods and to quantify the hardness of the problem. We utilize algorithmic techniques to reduce their computational cost and make them feasible for real-world applications. Several problems we work on are of an interdisciplinary nature and involve collaboration both within and outside the Computer Science department. We provide a supportive and creative environment for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in current machine learning research.

Lab members

Shreen Gul


Shreen is a Ph.D. student currently in her second semester. She received her BS in Computer Science from the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore. She is working on active learning methods for neural networks.

Joshua Caruso


Joshua is an undergraduate student currently in his third semester. He is enrolled in the Computer Science program at Missouri S&T. He is exploring the phenomenon of neural collapse in the terminal phase of training neural networks.